Habae - Altai Mountains 2011

Habae talks about family, and the importance of passing on traditions, such as eagle hunting.

Ogo - San Francisco 2010

The former lead singer of the Mongolian boy band Mbros reflects on his teenage years in Ulaanbaatar, and the differences between Mongolian dreams and Western dreams.

Baatar - Ulaanbaatar 2009

Baatar makes a living illegally digging and selling dinosaur eggs from the Gobi. In search of a brighter future for himself and his family, he later moves from his beloved sand dunes, into the crowded city of Ulaanbaatar.

Throat singer - West Mongolia 1999

A Tuvan throat singer from the Altai Mountains in West Mongolia, in the summer of 1999. This version of overtone singing was originally practiced by the Tuva people of south Siberia, where it was used both for luring in hunting, and in shamanic rituals.